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1) dont just join to this to fuck with it or you'll get kicked out.
2) you must be respectful and stay in character
3) do not create things that did not actually happen as in, somebody becoming a lesbian or something.
4) this takes place currently (like, Ashley is in 10th grade and Emma is in 9th)
5) all entries in the community are friends only. so if you think the community is empty, it is just because you aren't a member yet. join and then you can post and comment after being confirmed a certian character.
6) as soon as you join, please post (as your character) introducing yourself.
7) you must post at least once every 2 weeks. if you don't post, you will be kicked out (unless you've contacted me explaining why you can't post, or if you post saying you're going to be gone or something)

Characters(and who's playing them):

Grade 9-
Emma Nelson- br0ken_69
Manny Santos-
JT Yorke-
Liberty Van Zandt-
Sean Cameron-
Toby Issacs-
Chris Sharp-

Grade 10-
Ashley Kerwin-
Craig Manning-
Ellie Nash- XwhispertoacryX
Hazel Aden-
Jimmy Brooks-
Marco Del Rossi-
Paige Michalchuk-
Spinner Mason- Fuck_Religion
Terri Macgreggor-

(if anybody wants to be any of the other characters just comment)